Skolenes landsforbund

The Norwegian Union of School Employees (Skolenes landsforbund) organizes teachers, school leaders, and other professionals within the education system. This includes driving school teachers.

Joing det strongest team

The Norwegian Union of School Employees is a member of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and that includes The Norwegian Federation of State Employees’ Unions (LO Stat) and The Norwegian Federation of Municipality Employees’ Unions (LO Kommune).

The Norwegian Union of School Employees was founded in 1982. Before that we were a branch within the union of NTL.

The union’s aim is as part of the labour movement to:

  • work towards a good, democratic public education system
  • work towards good pay and working conditions 

Member benefits

The most important task of the Norwegian Union of School Employees is to ensure the members’ pay and working conditions.

The membership gives you co-determination and influence at work. Through the endorsement to LO (The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions) you will be part of a comradeship with more than 950.000 other trade unionists.

The Norwegian Union of School Employees is, in addition to this, concerned about your welfare privately and offers other member benefits.

Included in the membership you get LOfavør Innboforsikring, which is the best contents insurance in Norway. This insurance has given members safety for more than 50 years.

Did you know that?

  • The contents insurance is part of your membership.
  • There is no maximum insurance amount to be paid out.
  • If you have an individual contents insurance, you should terminate it, so you don’t have to pay double.
  • This contents insurance together with LOfavør House insurance will give you more advantages.

This you should know!

  • If you own your own house, you need a house insurance. We recommend LOfavør husforsikring.
  • You may need a special insurance for bunad, photo equipment and other things when used outside your home.
  • If you have objects or possessions valued more than NOK 300.000, these should have an additional insurance.

The terms of the contents insurance are available in Norwegian

Everybody who is travelling needs a good travel insurance! Included in the membership you get LOfavør Reiseforsikring, which ensures that both you and your closest family can travel safely all year around. With LOfavør Reiseforsikring we have been able to help a lot of people over the years. In this way we give safety to each other.

Your member benefits:

  • You have your travel insurance confirmation in the LOfavør app.
  • Favourable prices for travel insurance.

LOfavør Reiseforsikring is valid all year round and cancellation insurance is included. With this insurance you and your family are insured on all types of travel all year round, and there is no demand for spending the night elsewhere.

The terms of the travel insurance are available in Norwegian

Included in the membership you get LOfavør Advokatforsikring, which gives you free legal advice and legal aid in conflicts and lawsuits that are not work related.

The member benefit LOfavør Advokatforsikring gives all members free access to a solicitor in private cases. You do not pay an hourly rate.

  • Legal advice and full legal aid in conflicts and lawsuits within:

Child- and family
Confiscated driving licence by private driving (not by intoxication or speed)
Offensive web publishing (WebHELP)
Real estate (not buying and sale of house)
Sales law

  • 15 hours legal advice from solicitor per year.
  • Coverage of legal costs up to NOK 3.000.000 in a dispute when the case must be solved by appeal or in court.
  • Access to important, digital agreements made by the solicitors in HELP. The lawyers will also help you create legal documents through dialogue.
  • Full coverage of your own and any sentenced expenses if the case must be solved in court.
  • As a member you do not pay any deductible using solicitors in HELP.
  • The insurance applies to the member, his/her spouse/ partner and children under 20 living at home. By dispute within the household, the insurance covers the member of the Norwegian Union of School Employees.

The terms of the solicitor insurance are available in Norwegian 

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